We make your software work for you.

Put the glasses down. Give your mind a reprieve. We all know what it is like to try and get that spreadsheet to tell the perfect story. Many can sympathize with staying up all night trying to understand the data.

Time for a sigh of relief. You have found an answer. I started Intellivega to give you software solutions that no longer make you work so hard for the answer. From spreadsheets to enterprise website applications, let us teach your software to work for you so you can focus on managing your business. 


We understand data. from querying data in Excel, to building complex data stores and warehouses using SQL. Today's data is complex and needs to be managed correctly to provide the output you desire.


Many companies will sell you on their understanding of how to turn data into reports. Intellivega was founded by a Six Sigma Black Belt who understands processes and an operations manager who has worked with fortune 500 companies driving results. Our team believes in building reporting that is not just a chart, but that gives key insights into your business so you can make quick and accurate decisions from day to day.


Today's businesses require many different systems to adequately meet KPI's. Intellivega is experienced in using business systems that can talk together to transfer data and get you the information you need before you knew it was available.


Intellivega is the expert in process and systems, but we know that you are the expert in your business. We do not just build a new system you have to learn. We partner with you to ensure you are getting a process that meets your needs while also creating value and driving efficiency in the way your business works.

Turning your data into

What We Can Do For You In Excel

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Power BI

We will help you bring insights to your business through integrating your data into Power BI. 


Integrating SharePoint into your business will help you gather data from employees using mobile friendly interfaces that everyone can understand.

Office 365

Let us help drive the information sharing in you business by creating effective documents in Word, analysis in Excel, and impressive presentations in PowerPoint.

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