Website Performance Package

Our Website Performance Package Comes With All The Features Of Our Security Package With Performance Enhancements And Monitoring!



Learn About Our Website Performance Package

Our Website Performance Package comes with all the features of our Security Package plus performance monitoring, performance enhancements, and uptime monitoring. See below for more!

We will create daily backups of your website. We can easily restore any of these backups if anything were to go wrong with the site, giving you peace of mind that your site always has a recent restore point.

We tie directly into Google Analytics to give you a weekly update of your site performance. You can see if your visitors are increasing if page views are increasing, how much of your traffic is from new sessions, how many pages users visit on average, top referral sources, and more.

System/Plugin Updates
We manage any installed plugins on your site to ensure they are up to date, but we do this in a way that ensures your site is constantly up and that no plugin updates bring your site down. We utilize mirrors of your site to first test any new plugin that is installed or any updated plugin to ensure it has no effect on your site. After we are satisfied with the result, we upload the changes to your live site. This ensures your site remains up to date but never has any customer-facing issues related to updated plugins.

You will receive a website security report every week with updates to each of the care package offerings we have. It can confirm the backups performed, alert you to plugins that need attention and plugins that have been updated, Google Analytics visitor results, Security concerns, Website Uptime %, and Performance concerns. We can even schedule a weekly call to review the reporting together.

We monitor your site for security vulnerabilities. This includes Web Trust issues, malware infections, and vulnerabilities from plugins. As soon as a vulnerability is discovered our state-of-the-art system alerts us immediately and we take action to ensure it is remedied right away.

Uptime Monitoring
We monitor your site every 5 minutes to ensure it is always reachable. I am immediately notified when your site goes down and can act on it and get it back up and running before any visitors notice.

Our toolset allows us to search your site against some of the web’s top performance-based reporting sites like PageSpeed and YSlow. We will be able to take these reports and make updates and changes to your site each week to bring the scores up and improve your user experience. This will affect how your pages load and ensure your site is as fast as it can be.

Content Updates – 4 hours per month
Maybe you have new images of products that need to be uploaded, Staff changes, or even blog posts that need to be placed on your website? We will work with you each month to identify the important areas of your website and keep them updated and relevant to ensure visitors to your site are kept informed.


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