ManageWP.com: Setting Up Your Email Using Office365

The Story

Have you ever tried to set up your email in a web service that wants to send on your behalf? It is a great idea. The email will look like it is doming from you instead of the domain of the web service. The problem is that it sometimes becomes difficult to figure out what settings you need to achieve the goal.

I am here to help resolve this issue, at least for the ManageWP.com service, a new and amazing tool by GoDaddy.com that allows you to manage multiple WordPress installations from one single place.

ManageWP even generates reports and can send them out on your behalf. To have the system send emails on your behalf you must first setup your email account in the system.

When doing this for some types of services, like Gmail, it is pretty easy. the system will allow you to log into your Gmail account, and will authorize through the service to get your data. When you own a business or your own web domain and want your email to come from that domain, things have to be set up more specifically. This is where things get tricky and where I am here to help you out today.

How To Set It Up

After several hours of researching the internet and trying different options, I have found the correct way to setup the email to come from your domain. 

First, you need the following details:

Host: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Auth mode: LOGIN
Encryption: TLS
Accept self signed SSL certificate?: Unchecked

Email Address: your email address
Password: your password for your email address

password note: if you use 2 factor authentication, be sure to set up an app password at portal.office365.com

Just use the image to the right as a guide on how to enter each of these settings. Once you click test, you should see a success message after a minute or so.

Email Settings

In Closing

ManageWP is a great tool for businesses that manage WordPress. Hopefully the tips above have made it easier for you to setup the email portion of the site to better work for you. 

One other note I have, is that it is somewhat difficult to find where to set this up in the system. The easiest way I have found to get there is by going to a website dashboard, clicking on Reports, Viewing all of your past reports, clicking on Templates, Then modifying one of your templates. If you scroll down to the bottom of the template editor you will find a place to setup your email.

Please leave comments below if you have any issues with this process and I will be glad to assist with your specific issue.

Robert Boyett
Co-founder, Intellivega.com

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