Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Formulas, VBA Macros, Pivot Tables, Charts, Graphs, and More! Let Us Turn Your Excel Spreadsheet Into An Indispensable Tool That Helps You Achieve Success.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

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Small Businesses need Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to run effectively.  Spreadsheets have become one of the most versatile tools available on a computer today. They have the ability to let you jump into a new spreadsheet and use formulas to calculate some simple addition to manage your budget. Or they can be built using VBA Macros to be as effective and efficient as a web application; taking in a few inputs and giving you a thorough analysis of your data. 

Whether your company is a global enterprise or 1 man office, chances are you are using excel. It’s a fundamental and essential software for organizations with over 750 million users worldwide that drive productivity and empowers organizations. 

At Intellivega we love Excel and we recognize that not everyone does. Partnering with us empowers your project with decades of experience and hundreds of successful Excel projects. Whether is importing data to create a beautiful customized dashboard to automating your daily tasks, Intellivega can turn your vision into reality.

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Take Your Excel Spreadsheets to the next level

How We Can Help You

Excel Spreadsheets can integrate with SharePoint and allow you to track data on a Mobile Phone and feed it back to a live dashboard in the office. We can assist in building budgeting trackers, job boards, or anything else you need to track on the go.

Automate Your Workforce. Did you know that Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets can help you track sales, rank your products, and better understand your workforce? Let us help you learn how to drive results using our custom tracking tools.

Microsoft Excel Examples

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Your Spreadsheet - Our Expertise

Your Data

From importing data set to designing detailed filterable dashboards, we take your data from its source and create a beautiful visual with easy to use features to turn your data from boring to impactfull insights

Your Features

From customized entry forms, exporting charts or data to PDF or PowerPoint, sending emails and may other request. We’ve developed the processes business want in their excel files to manage their work flows effectively.


Have a custom process that needs to be automate or made friendlier for users. So did our 300+ other excel projects. Ask us about what we can do to help.

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