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Case Study
Weebly To LightSpeed Transition

Our Client's Problem

Our client was in the process of moving from Weebly to Lightspeed as their CRM. They had already spent weeks of time trying to transform their data from Weebly to the format needed for the Lightspeed Retail import. After running into many problems with the transformation, they engaged us to take over the process.

Pain Points

Our Solution

Weebly Export

The client provide an export from the Weebly system. We reviewed the data along with the Lightspeed requirements to ensure the necessary components were there.

Data Transformation

Reading through the Lightspeed documentation we created a template and transformed the raw data from Weebly to the format needed to Lightspeed

LightSpeed Product Import

We imported the transformed data in the required format into the Lightspeed creating each of the products.

LightSpeed Inventory Counts

Once the client was ready to go live, we update the inventory count with another import to bring them update to date.

Project Overview

In this project we thoroughly read through both Weebly and Lightspeed documentation to come up with the best path for the project then executed it to achieve the client goal in just a few days.

Project Success

CRM transitions can be complex and stressful. We worked hard for this client  take over the process and responsibility to deliver on their ideal result. 

Let us know if you need help with your CRM transformation today!