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Case Study

Shopify Inventory Management

Our Client Problem

Our client has multiple store locations which manage their stores with Shopify. Their locations were each utilizing a manual extract from Shopify then making adjustments in a Google Sheets file to identify the quantity of items needed for reorder.  This process is done weekly to stock the stores and warehouse involving action from 4 different people. 

Return On Investment

60 Hours Per Week

Time Saved


Est Yearly Savings

Improved Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Pain Points

Our Solution

Google Sheets

Our solution utilized the clients current Google Sheet to implement the features need to streamline their existing process.

Shopify API

Utilizing the Shopify API we pull the inventory information including variants at the push of the button so the team is working with latest data.

Ordering Guidelines

Each store has put together their guidelines for when an inventory item should be reordered.

Re-Ordering Report

Once the Inventory information is pulled it is compared to the reordering guidelines to generate a custom report that the team can

Additional Value Adds

In addition to Re-Ordering Report, we also generate shipping labels, packing sheets and requests that were all being put together manually before.

Solution Components

Google Sheets

Google Apps Script

Shopify API

Here is an sample of the tool.

This image shows one of the outputs which includes a list of the products compared to the ordering guidelines and show which items need to be reordered.

This tool and others are available for purchase and customization.